Who are we

Who are we

The difference between the firm you are
and the one you want to be is performance.

Análisis de Riesgos Comerciales, S.A. de C.V. (literally: Commercial Risks Analysis) is a 100% Mexican private equity credit rating company. We have provided credit protection to a large number of corporations for over 17 years; our business operations are supported by the best infrastructure network in the country and our protection tools are the most evolved and functional ones in the market.

Since 1996 Arcsa remains at the forefront of performance having in mind as main objective to protect those trade transactions businesses in all sectors start with Mexican and foreign companies.

Our tools are available to the largest companies in each industry as well as to SMEs looking to discover new possibilities in credit and financial protection in order to create extraordinary results in increasing sales and non-payment risk prevention.

Periodically, our partners ask us for some sort of counseling on its buyers to assess payment capacity or secure payment deliveries through our protection tools.

Thanks to our human capital and our openness to face new challenges and explore different mechanisms, we have positioned ourselves as the market leader in the credit rating sector. That way we have benefited countless enterprises in the areas of Credit, Collection, Sales and Finances.

Mission & Vision

The best way to predict the future is creating it.

We lead trade risk analysis in Mexico; we support and safeguard the economy of our commercial partners through constant innovation in credit and financial protection procedures. Human talent is also our main resource to achieve all customers’ present and future satisfaction.


To provide our customers with comprehensive credit and financial solutions and so generating strong, profitable companies.


To increase good credit practices by offering our partners high-quality standards with an emphasis on credit and financial security.